A86. Yao, M. Z., Rice, R. E. & Wallis, K. (2007). Predicting user concerns about online privacy. Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 58(5), 710-722.

Privacy and security problems associated with digital communication and network technologies have been a major concern among Internet users during the past decade. Metzger (2004) notes FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports on extensive instances of identity theft and online fraud, and FTC findings that nearly all commercial web sites collect some type of personal information, while less than 20% provided a complete privacy policy (FTC, 2000). Past research has identified a number of demographic and user experience factors, such as gender, Internet use experience, and Web expertise, to be related to user concerns about online privacy. However, the influence of social-psychological factors, such as people’s beliefs and personality, upon concerns about online privacy is unclear. The present study examines, in addition to the demographic and experience factors identified in previous research, the influence of psychological need for privacy, generalized self-efficacy, and beliefs in privacy rights on user concerns about online privacy.

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