A82. Simard, C. & Rice, R. E. (2006). Managerial information behavior:  Relationships among total quality management orientation, information use environments, and managerial roles.  Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 17(1), 79-95.

A specific goal of this article is to better understand the role of general managerial information behavior in influencing the success of a major organizational change effort, Total Quality Management (TQM).  TQM is intended to improve organizational climate, processes, and performance, with the distal goal of improving or exceeding customer satisfaction and thus long-term organizational performance. However, evidence suggests that a majority of TQM implementation attempts fail or are incomplete. This article integrates disparate literatures to develop a summary model that proposes how different orientations (control or learning) toward a major organizational change effort, Total Quality Management, will generate different managerial information use environments, will require different managerial roles, and will thus involve different managerial information behaviors, in order to foster successful TQM implementation.

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