A68. Rice, R.E., Stewart, L. P. & Hujber, M. (2000). Extending the domain of instructional effectiveness assessment in student evaluations of communication courses. Communication Education, 49(3), 253-266.

Student evaluations of college-level courses are valuable tools for assessing and imrpoving classroom teaching. However, they do not systematically capture information about the longer-term assessment of instructor and course effectiveness that could be provided by other stakeholders, such as alumni.  To achieve this goal, an alumni teaching effectiveness survey was developed based on previous research findings, phone interviews, and a pilot survey, and then completed by one-year and 10-year graduates of the Department of Communication at a large public university.  Results indicate that alumni believe that good instructors should demonstrate effective preparation, interest in course material and students, availability to students outside of class, effective pedagogy, practical application (e.g., "real-world" connections), classroom interaction with students, sociability, and a high level of scholarship.  In general, according to alumni, being an effective communicator is an essential component of being an effective instructor.

For a full report, see http://www.comm.ucsb.edu/faculty/rrice/teachcon.htm

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