A60. McCreadie, M., & Rice, R.E. (1999). Trends in analyzing access to information, Part I: Cross-disciplinary conceptualizations. Information Processing and Management, 35(1), 45-76.

Part I of two articles reviews six research literatures that consider access from different vantage points to identify common aspects of the concept ‘access to information’. The resulting multi-dimensional framework includes (1) conceptualizations of information itself (resource/commodity, data in the environment, representation of knowledge and part of the communication process), (2) conceptualizations of the notion of access (knowledge, technology, communication, control, goods/commodities and rights), (3) a set of general information seeking facets (context, situation, strategies and outcomes) and (4) a variety of influences and constraints (physical, cognitive, affective, economic, social and political). Only a comprehensive consideration of these factors will allow us to understand the concept of access to information, as well as develop and study systems, institutions and policies that foster improved access.

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