A16. Rice, R.E. & Boan, K. (1985). Journals and magazines on computer-mediated communications technologies and use. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 13(1), 70-77.

Managers, researchers, users, and students of new communication technologies have a bewildering variety of sources for information about these new media. Paradoxically, because many of these sources are recent, a few people are aware of the diversity available. Further, communication researchers and information scientists have a role in providing the analyses and understanding to match the concerns and interests of the managerial and user communities. This role has yet to be filled. In a recent analysis of publication trends, The New Media: Communication, Research and Technology, Rice (Sage, 1984) shows that the social science literature has avoided the topic of new communication technologies, while the popular and management literature, and some educational literature, has been keenly attentive to the topic.

This review should allow the reader to become familiar with some of the journals and magazines covering aspects of new communication technologies-specifically, media involving a computer in some way. This listing covers what we consider to be the most useful, important, topical, and/or accessible serials in this field.

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