A15. Rice, R.E. & Richards, W. Jr. (1985). An overview of communication network analysis programs and methods. In B. Dervin & M. Voigt (Eds.), Progress in communication sciences, 6, 105-165. Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

The format of this chapter is as follows. The three very broad dimensions upon which network analysis methods and programs may be said to vary will be introduced. Definitions of common (though not comprehensive) terms are provided under each dimension. The subsequent section then considers several general classes of methods: factor analysis, cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, block modeling, and graph-theoretical network methods, and log-linear analysis. Each method is discussed in light of three dimensions, and then one or two major implementations--programs--of the method are described. Subsection then briefly notes a variety of recently developed or otherwise highbred methods, ending in a mention of some measure of integrated network analysis computer packages. A short analysis of a famous relational data set, using a variety of methods, is intended to highlight some of the insights that each method provides. A brief conclusion proceeds a comprehensive bibliography which is intended to provide those interested in network analysis approaches with a starting place for further reading.

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