A13. Johnson, B. & Rice, R.E. (1985). Policy implications in implementing office systems technology. In V. Mosco (Ed.), Policy research in telecommunications. (pp. 278-285.) Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

Office use of new communication systems is growing at an unprecedented rate. Projections call for 40 to 50% of the U.S. information workforce to have workstations by 1990-32 to 38 million workstations with an average investment of $25,000. More than 400,000 word processing units are expected to be delivered in 1984.  This rapid diffusion has led many to ask, "Can policy keep up with technological change?" In this paper we point to three policy issues of interest to decision makers in public and private organizations.

The research reported here was funded by the National Science Foundation, specifically by a group formerly called Policy Research and Analysis, now the Productivity Improvement Research Section. One of the group’s program directions is the study of adopting technologies within organizations. We proposed policy implications involved in system procurement, guidelines for use, job design and compatibility/standardization.

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