A127. Rice, R. E., Evans, S. K., Pearce, K. E., Sivunen, A., Vitak, J., & Treem, J. W. (2017). Organizational media affordances: Operationalization and associations with media use. Journal of Communication, 67(1), 106-130.

The concept of affordances has been increasingly applied to the study of ICTs in organizational contexts.  However, almost no research operationalizes affordances, limiting comparisons and programmatic research. This paper briefly reviews conceptualizations and possibilities of affordances in general and for media, then introduces the concept of organizational media affordances as organizational resources. Analysis of survey data from a large Nordic media organization identified six reliable and valid organizational media affordances: pervasiveness, editability, self-presentation, searchability, visibility, and awareness. Eight media scales based on frequency of use of 10 media within each of three organization levels were differentially associated with these affordances.  The conceptualization, measurement approach, and results from this study provide the foundation for considerable future organizational communication and ICT research.

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